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Welcome to Zaaratan Island

Thank you for landing on our shores, Zaaratan is a fantasy world with a deep connection to nature. This world is home to a variety of fantastic beings called Krori.

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Zaaratan Mystery

The Krori live in a very well defined society and their culture and beliefs are strong until The Calamity arrives. Now the natural flow of their lives has been disrupted, and chaos spreads across the lands.

After a night where the sky was enlightened by many falling stars, the sanctuaries are full of Star Eggs but the beings born from those eggs differ from the usual Krori and their balanced society cracks.


Guardian Krori & The Calamity

Some Krori, especially adults, are particularly sensitive to the anomalies caused by the Calamity. The state into which they sink is called Corruption and causes them to lose their memory.


Stellar Eggs and Zaaratan’s little heroes

Krori’s traditions revolve around a very ancient mythology, linked to the forces of nature and the power of the stars. The most famous myth is that of the Star Eggs, from which the Krori are born.